Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Herf 56 – Caution Before Lighting

August 5th – Edmonds, WA

(the shipment)

Twitter Transcript:

Club Herf starting.
Berger & Argenti Quad-Maduro Torpedo!

First impressions;  good start, ‘oaky’, leather, and a little sweet.

Jim likes.


Category I:  Average score for appearance and texture is
12 pts out of 15 for the six of us present this evening. 
A couple of of isolated issues.

Not an oily looking wrapper, but toothy.

Category II:  Flavor category for the Berger & Argenti is
22 pts out of 25.
So far so good.

Tasting sweet wood flavors, relatively mild.

Sun, BBQ pork loin, nice cigar.....this doesn't suck!

Category III:  Smoking Characteristics – 20 pts out of 25 possible points.

Category IV:  Overall Impression - for the six of us, we gave it 
29 pts out of 35 points available.

Ok, after tossing the highest and lowest total scores we give the Berger Argenti Quad Maduro Torpedo an 83, Very Good.

Final Comments:
"A very good smoking cigar."
“We enjoyed the sweet earthy flavors.”

See you  at the next herf, October 7th.

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