Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cigar Review – Alec Bradley Tempus Genesis

by club member Patrick

Another in our ongoing series of reviews of cigars given to us by the good folks at Cigars Direct. Featured this time is the Alec Bradley Tempus Genesis.

Vitola: Corona
Origin: Honduras
Length: 5 ½”
Ring Gauge: 42
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras
Binder: Indonesia
Wrapper: Honduran Criollo ‘98
Strength: Medium-to-Full
Price: $6.00

Produced for Alec Bradley at the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas, it features a medium-brown Honduran wrapper that is very unintimidating and inviting. The Corona shape is a bit smaller than my normal preference, but it’s roll quality and style made me feel quickly at home with it. The current Cigar Aficionado rating for it is 90 (Aug, 2008).
Following Cigar Aficionado's 4-part rating system (Appearance & Construction, Flavor, Smoking Characteristics, and Overall Impression) I sat down to rate this cigar on a sunny day while occasionally sipping a Diet Pepsi.
An almost perfect roll job, save for two tiny spots on the wrapper where it looks like one of the leaves had either come unglued or been scuffed ever so slighty.

The draw on the cigar was almost flawless – just tight enough to let me know that the filler had been packed in, without being so tight that it would make me break out in a sweat. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more smoke, but it was not a significant enough issue to raise a stink about. Warm, nutty flavors became most noticeable both at the start and towards the half-way point, moving into a lighter, toastier direction. What seemed to be headed for a heavier, meatier cigar turned much lighter in the second half. There was a slight return to a nutty flavor – visions of warm chestnuts came to mind as I rounded the corner for home on the Genesis. A burnout just shy of the label and a bit of a harsher taste failed to wrap up an otherwise enjoyable cigar, although it appears it may have been just a rough patch that I hit, as an enjoyable, creamy smoke appeared in the final draws. Lasting notes of a slighty salted caramel stayed with me after I’d finished the cigar.

My rating for the Alec Bradley Tempus Genesis is 86.
Here's the points breakdown:
I. Appearance & Construction: 14 pts ( 93% of the points possible)
II. Flavor: 21 pts (84% of the points possible)
III. Smoking Characteristics: 22 pts (88% of the points possible)
IV. Overall Impression: 29 pts (83% of the points possible)

Overall, an enjoyable cigar, one that I would return to although not in this current size. The Centurion , with a slightly larger ring gauge and a long, 7” length, seemed to expose more of the better qualities of this cigar, which has consistently earned good marks. While starting strong, the remainder of the ride wasn’t as fulfilling as I had hoped. There was a brief moment of bitterness that disappointed me, and the cigar never exposed me to some of the flavor notes that I seemed to remember from other sizes of the same blend. A well-blended medium bodied cigar that should earn at least your consideration and a trial purchase, if not a few spaces in your humidor.

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