Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gift Review – Dan’s Mystery Cigar

Another in our ongoing series of occasional reviews of cigars given to us as gifts. Featured this time is an unbanded ‘mystery’ cigar, given to me by my friend Dan at 10-7ha back in January.

Vitola: Gran Corona perhaps
Origin: unknown
Length: pretty close to 6 inches
Ring Gauge: about 47
Filler: unknown
Binder: unknown
Wrapper: unknown
Strength: mild-to-medium
MSRP: unknown

While at herf 21, and enjoying our new-found friends in the neighboring cigar club to the south, Daniel handed me this cigar – sans band. In his other hand, cupped tightly, was the unclothed cigar’s band, which he proceeded to give to my fellow Cohiba Club co-founder, John; careful to shield it from my curious eyes. Dan’s instructions were simple; smoke the cigar before obtaining the band from it’s keeper. His instructions to John were equally as simple; keep this band safe until such time when its identity may be revealed.

I finally smoked this cigar last Friday (the 15th). No, I haven’t obtained the band yet, or even asked John for it, but instead thought I’d post this review first and then append later with the cigar’s name.

Following Cigar Aficionado's 4-part rating system (Appearance & Construction, Flavor, Smoking Characteristics, and Overall Impression) I sat down to rate this cigar while enjoying a glass of pale ale. Also present were fellow club members Pat and Joe.

The first thing I noticed was the subtle, yet handsome, box-pressed shape (despite the round foot seen in my last photo) and the delicate looking, medium-brown wrapper. There were rather light veins and a somewhat oily sheen. The head displayed what appeared to be a triple cap, but as you can see in the 2nd photo, it had a jagged edge which made it’s exact configuration difficult to ascertain.

To my great satisfaction, this slender beauty drew perfectly and produced tons of sweet, easy smoke. About the only complaint I had, performance-wise, was the ash falling on me, but I do tend to push how long I can let it hang on. As for the burn, it did go out mid-way, but that also may have been a case of operator error as I probably was talking too much and not ‘tending my fire’ so to speak. Incidentally, this relight did seem to cause the strength to ramp up temporarily, before resuming it’s previously gentle pace.

Initial flavors consisted of aromatic cedar with a hint of cinamon. Once that mellowed, it became more akin to leather with a slight coating of caramel. From there it slowly grew in peppery warmth – mildly; never getting hot, harsh, or overly spicy.

My rating for [this cigar soon to be revealed] is 91.
Here's the points breakdown:
I. Appearance & Construction: 14 pts (93% of the points possible)
II. Flavor: 23 pts (92% of the points possible)
III. Smoking Characteristics: 23 pts (92% of the points possible)
IV. Overall Impression: 31 pts (89% of the points possible)

Check back here in a week or so to learn the true identity of the ‘mystery’ cigar and thanks Dan! I really enjoyed it.

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--Update 26may09--
Just learned it was a G.A.R. Corona Gorda!
From Dan himself:
"I purchased this cigar in Las Vegas during last years Big Smoke at a cigar shop not to far from the strip. It has a nice walk-in humidor. I was in the spending mood (duh) so I wanted to drop some cash on cigars I had never tried before. I tried the GAR that day and was pleasantly surprised. I cannot recall the price per stick but I'll guess $6.00. It was later that year that I ordered a box on-line and they were gone in a flash. Let's just say, I gambled and won."
Dan (10-7 Club, Big Boss)

Thanks again Dan!

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