Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cigar Review - Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Maduro

by club co-founder John

Another in our ongoing series of reviews of cigars given to us by the good folks at Cigars Direct. Featured this time is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Maduro, given to us back in November of 2008.

Vitola: Figurado
Origin: Dominican Republic
Length: 7 inches
Ring Gauge: 48
Filler: Dom. Rep.
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Strength: Medium
Price: $399.95 (box of 25)

Produced by Tabaclera A. Fuente y Cia., it features a dark, rich looking CBM wrapper and a skillfully executed figurado shape.

Following Cigar Aficionado's 4-part rating system (Appearance & Construction, Flavor, Smoking Characteristics, and Overall Impression) I sat down to rate this cigar while enjoying a glass of Jameson y “un cafecito Cubano” on the deck after a steak dinner with my brother Mark (I guess any cigar might have gotten a good rating that night!). Mark had an AF Hemingway Short Story.

It was nicely constructed, long figurado with a dark, oily wrapper without blemishes or soft spots. It drew a little tight at first but loosened up quickly, providing generous amounts of substantial thick, creamy smoke. The ash remained light colored and held up moderately well (although it did manage to drop off early into the dregs of my coffee once!).

The flavor was an interesting blend of stronger earthy flavors mixed with sweet undertones. It had a sweet, dark chocolate start, remained smooth and creamy, and then turned & gave some vanilla flavors at the halfway point. It stayed really flavorful until the last third. Just before it spent itself, I actually got a bacon flavor…go figure. Maybe it was the Jameson!

It was fun trying this cigar alongside by brother’s Hemingway Short Story, one of my favorite short smokes, and realizing the Classic Maduro was even more to my liking with its more complex flavors and long smooth smoke. I’ll be getting some more of these!
My rating for the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Maduro is 93.
Here's the points breakdown:
I. Appearance & Construction: 14 pts (93% of the points possible)
II. Flavor: 23 pts (92% of the points possible)
III. Smoking Characteristics: 22 pts (88% of the points possible)
IV. Overall Impression: 34 pts (97% of the points possible)

Thanks to Cigars Direct for the opportunity to review this cigar.

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Robert said...

Wow John, 93. Is that your highest rating?

john said...

No, I gave the Ashton ESG Robusto a 95 (also fr. Cigars Direct)...maybe we should do a smoke off!