Friday, February 6, 2009

Cigar Review - Arturo Fuente Añejo Reserva No. 50

by club co-founder Robert

Another in our ongoing series of reviews of cigars given to us by the good folks at Cigars Direct. Featured this time is the Arturo Fuente Añejo Reserva No. 50, given to us in November of 2008.

Vitola: Robusto
Origin: Dominican Republic
Length: 5 ¼”
Ring Gauge: 50
Filler: Dom. Rep. (said to contain a mix of Don Carlos, Hemingway, and Opus X filler leaf)
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Wrapper: USA Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Strength: Medium to full
Price: $20.95

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Produced by Tabacalera A.Fuente y Cia, it had an amazing, near-black maduro wrapper of Connecticut Broadleaf. The unique slightly tapered shape was very attractive. The current Cigar Aficionado rating for the Añejo Reserva No. 50 (from Nov, 2007) is 89.

Following Cigar Aficionado's 4-part rating system (Appearance & Construction, Flavor, Smoking Characteristics, and Overall Impression) I sat down to rate this cigar with a glass of cheap scotch.

Due to my business trip to the outskirts of Shanghai China, the cheap scotch was the best choice available. It gave me a challenge to enjoy the cigar and tune out the scotch, so I quickly gave up on the drink and concentrated on the cigar.

Even though I knew well the excellence of the Arturo Fuente brand, I was still impressed by the flawless wrapper and the fantastic sweet smell from a wrapper that was aged for five years (of which 6 to 8 months was spent in cognac barrels).

It roasted and lit easily, the aromas were sweet and tempting. It was difficult to be patient and not just fire it up and puff away. The first taste was sugary sweet on my lips, and the draw was very good. As the sweetness faded I enjoyed the thick mouthfuls of smoke and it brought flavors of anise and a hint fruit. Later a coffee flavor came aboard with just a slight bitterness.

Again, the high reputation of such a renowned Fuente cigar almost made me search and nitpick for issues – I found none. The burn was even, and the ash was white and it hung on tenaciously. The flavor slowly increased throughout its length but never got pronounced. Just writing this review makes me want to try another one.

My rating for the Arturo Fuente Añejo 50 is 87.

Here's the points breakdown:
I. Appearance & Construction: 15 pts (100% of the points possible)
II. Flavor: 22 pts (88% of the points possible)
III. Smoking Characteristics: 22 pts (88% of the points possible)
IV. Overall Impression: 28 pts (80% of the points possible)

Thank you Cigars Direct for the chance to review this cigar, I’ll be keeping an eye out for these.

Thanks to for some of the background information herein.

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