Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Casa Fuente Cigars Revisited

Excerpted from "Desert Leaf " by Aaron Sigmond

The Casa Fuente cigar from A. Fuente -- exclusive in more ways than one. (click image to enlarge)

For most Fuente cigar enthusiasts, a visit to Las Vegas would be incomplete without venturing over to the world's only Casa Fuente, a trip itself incomplete without smoking at least one (one box, that is) of their favorite Casa Fuente "house" cigar.

What's more, the cigar is sold exclusively at the cigar bar and boutique; they don’t accept Web or phone orders. As managing partner Michael Frey told me when Casa Fuente first opened: "You either need to come here and buy them yourself, or have a friend in Vegas if you want the Casa Fuente cigars. Period. If not, then you're out of luck."

With a Cameroon wrapper and Dominican binder and filler, the cigar continues in the tradition of the Don Carlos and Ashton Heritage lines, albeit with some unique taste notes. It may take a little doing to get your hands on these sticks, but since they are available in a full seven sizes, once you do, there's most assuredly a size for you.

Belicoso fino: $23
Robusto: $21
Corona Gorda: $18
Double Robusto: $22
Churchill: $25
Double Corona: $28
Pyramid: $26

Credit to Cigar Report Daily

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