Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Herf #3 - Cancelled

Just too many summertime activities going on. One by one, the attendee list grew shorter and shorter.
Have no fear, John is on track to prepare his Cuban pork for us on September 2nd for Herf #4.
The failed turnout does not stop of us from enjoying the cigar of choice that was selected for Herf 3 because, while we dream of John's cooking, a few of us are trying to arrange a re-Herf sometime this month. This version is more informal, meaning that it does not include a meal, and instead we would just sit down for a smoke and a drink.
The one we were supposed to have smoked last Sunday is the Soprano's Edition robusto by CAO, that was featured as Cigar of the Week, back on May 14th. A few of us have had ours already and so far it's scoring quite well, in the upper 80's. It's a sweet, dark, rich cigar with pleasant flavors. The remaining four or five of us yet to smoke it may do so at the re-Herf or individually as our schedules permit.
I'll post an update here later as more scores roll in and we have enough of them to average into an official club rating.

--Update: 7/24/07
We now have four scores to average, from Fernand, Joe, Robert, and Pat. This cigar scores very high in the Appearance and Construction category. Also pretty high in the Flavor and Smoking Characteristics categories too. Overall Impression was very good to excellent!
A good herf choice indeed. The Cohiba Club's official rating for the CAO Soprano's Edition robusto "Associate" is an 87.